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Geoforce helps to qualify and optimize the management of assets at Dorf Ketal Brazil

Dorf Ketal Chemicals is a global leader in the development, commercialization, marketing and application of specialty engineered chemistries for the refining and petrochemical industries. Founded in 1992, Dorf Ketal has demonstrated product and service excellence in the largest refineries and petrochemical plants in the world.


reduce equipment downtime

comply with industry security requirements

integrate documents and information on a single platform

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At Dorf Ketal, research is the way. The starting points are the goals, strategies and customers’ expectations. The company, which invests over 20,000 man-hours on an annual basis and 10% of the annual revenues in research and development, delivers innovative chemicals with applications in refining, petrochemicals and polymer production, in addition to exclusive chemical products for fuel treatment, lubricating oil additives, organometallic catalysts and reticulation agents.

R&D is extended across the entire company, with scientists and engineers working together in order to solve the most complicated issues in the market. The patented technologies successfully generate new solutions and remain unmatched in the industry. A lean company focused on results, guided by measurable economic improvements on a daily basis.


Solving insoluble problems

Dorf was facing a tough moment in the market, with pressure caused by the inflation in prices for leasing offshore containers. 100% of the company’s GPS devices were leased, which represented nearly 10% of the total costs with containers. The company then decided to purchase its own devices from Geoforce and currently owns approximately 85% of the fleet of devices.

With this move, it was possible to further improve the information generated by the Geoforce system and determine exactly where the equipment is and the availability of each one.  Otherwise, the effort would be meaningless and would cause even more financial problems.


To Find a Partner with Innovative and Reliable Solutions in Geolocation

“The implementation of Geoforce GPS tracking systems was very easy and provided us with the necessary reliability to locate the equipment we were looking for. Another benefit is that we are able to receive accurate online reports, which lead to a reduction in operating costs, reduction in downtime and reduction in financial losses.

We had a 5% decrease in the impact on the general budget, which is a lot.

A few factors were critical in choosing Geoforce:

  • Compliance with all security requirements
  • The tracking device is shielded and fireproof
  • Strong equipment
  • Remote and very easy access to reports
  • Extensive technical knowledge of the team

Around 85% of the fleet currently counts on its own GPS system and up to the end of the year, the devices will be implemented on 100% of the offshore fleet. We are also testing the tracking system on a few onshore assets, even on trucks, for implementation throughout 2021.”

Vinicius Rizzardi
Latin America Operations Manager – Brazil Branch


The Future has Already Started

Dorf Ketal has already been presenting a growth of 8% per year and expects to maintain or increase this number, focused on the implementation of new technologies, digitalization and automation of processes. We want to sustain a partnership for the optimization of asset management with a strategic partner, who will contribute to this growth.