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Asset Tracking Device Testing (R&D) 

Losing visibility into critical assets can mean losing money, time, productivity, safety, sanity…

Research & Development

Geoforce is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with an R&D office located in Bozeman, Montana. Hardware development for Geoforce takes place in this facility by an outstanding team of employees, consultants, technicians, and interns. Due to our Bozeman office’s proximity to Montana State University, we have been able to source engineers locally from MSU’s nationally-recognized engineering program. Our location has also enabled us to work closely with the companies that actually produce our products – which is a vital part of our commitment to delivering high-quality and reliable asset tracking devices to our customers.

At Geoforce, our team of experts performs extensive research and development to ensure that we’re proud to stand behind any new asset tracking devices that we bring to market. With a focus on continuous improvement and innovative solutions, our R&D facility goes above and beyond the industry standard for asset tracking devices.

Asset Tracking Testing

Geoforce asset tracking devices undergo comprehensive testing during our Research & Development process for new devices. Our devices are also continually tested once they are brought to market to ensure that they provide safe and reliable operation in different extreme conditions. 

We use HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) methodology to make sure our devices are resistant to failures in the harshest environments – including salt corrosion, extreme heat and cold, and impact. The battery life of our devices is also field-tested, so when we say that a device’s battery lasts for X number of years, this is proven and backed by data. 

Heavy Duty Tracking Devices

We push our devices to the limit during our testing to learn from failures, then we use our findings to improve our asset tracking devices. While thorough testing might take longer, the benefit to our customers is worth it. The result of our extensive testing? Increased life cycles for our devices and trusted durability in the field. Our ultra-rugged asset tracking devices are engineered for optimal performance that keeps your field operations on track and focused on what’s important – instead of worrying about replacing dead asset trackers. 

From our GT1 Global Asset Tracker, which is ATEX/IECEx-certified for use in Zone 0 hazardous environments, to our GT2s Solar Asset Tracker, which contains high capacity non-rechargeable battery backup system, Geoforce offers a full range of asset tracking devices to fit the demands of your field operations.

Geoforce Tough

Our R&D process is essential to ensuring that Geoforce asset trackers offer the durability our customers need. Want to know more about what each of our trackers is purpose-built for, and how our technology will exceed your expectations? We’re happy to answer your questions – contact us today!