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10 Questions to Help You Decide on the Right Software

Losing visibility into critical assets can mean losing even more: money, time, productivity, safety, sanity…

Understand your tracking needs and narrow down your search for a field asset tracking solution with these 10 software questions:

  1.  What software features do you need?
  2.  What dashboards and reports can be viewed on the platform?
  3.  Can data on all assets—owned, rented, or third-party equipment or vehicles—be managed in a single system?
  4.  Does the software support custom map layers and contextual location data for your specific industry?
  5.  Are analytics available that you can leverage to make informed decisions?
  6.  Is the platform accessible on mobile devices and what features are available on the mobile version?
  7.  Is the platform deployed on-premise or on the cloud?
  8.  How reliable is the software in terms of security, compliance, and scalability?
  9.  Can you share asset visibility with clients or project partners in a controlled and secure way?
  10.  Does the software have the ability to integrate easily with existing enterprise systems?

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