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Asset tracking made for the harshest environments.

Insights gained through our analytics can be leveraged to streamline various aspects of a customer’s business.

With control of your operations at your fingertips, get the data you need wherever you need it.

Pull existing data relating to devices, assets, and supporting data points into your own applications or reports.

truck icon Track Equipment

Locate valuable equipment and plan field operations

Never lose track of your mixed fleet, with the ability to assign assets to worksites. View your equipment in a single platform; generators to excavators.

Market Icon Maximize Profit

Confirm service delivery and avoid billing disputes

Verify time on site and equipment usage with geofences and utilization data, leading to more transparent billing for both you and your customers.

Warning Icon Reduce Risk

Ensure equipment is certified and reduce downtime on jobs

Gain visibility into the maintenance status and certification timelines of your equipment, allowing for preventative maintenance between active jobs and increased uptime.

Chart Icon Seize Opportunity

Turn equipment faster, increase asset utilization

See your available assets and their distance from where you want to deploy them in a single platform allowing for more efficient equipment allocation. rn

With so much inventory and so many remote locations across the country, we were struggling to keep track of our assets. A bridge can cost up to $350,000 to replace; we needed a reliable solution for tracking them.

-Justin Nelson Sales Representative at Northern Mat & Bridge
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