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Tracking Devices

  • Will your tracking devices operate while located inside of a building or with an obstructed sky-view?

    As is the case with any device that relies on connecting with satellites in space, the safe assumption is no, they will not operate under such conditions. Because of this reliance on satellites in space, Geoforce devices are designed to operate with a consistent view of the sky. As such, they are typically used to track equipment and vehicles that primarily operate outdoors. Occassionally, we have had customers utilize our devices while operating inside of buildings (especially those with windows or skylights). However, this functionality is not something we can promise and you should not count on indoor operation for these particular devices.

  • Are your GT-series tracking devices tamper proof?

    Geoforce has invested heavily in designing, developing and manufacturing extremely ruggedized tracking devices that are purpose-built for the often harsh and extreme conditions of field operations. Options for tamper proofing include a stainless steel base plate that can be used for welding your GT-series device to an asset, a stainless steel bezel that provides extra protection, and industrial-grade VHB tape that would require a wire saw for removal. While these options help with tamper proofing, as with any standalone item, there are certainly methods by which a device can be tampered with if a person truly wants to do so.