What We Stand For

Our core values not only unite our team at Geoforce, they help us deliver exceptional products and services to our customers and keep our company rooted in growth and innovation. What we stand for is simple – Do Right, Think Big, Own It, Seek Simplicity, Drive Results, and Grow Together – but together they make a huge difference:

Do Right

Even when it’s hard, we act with honesty and integrity. We are respectfully candid in our communications. Our decisions are made with empathy and fairness. We are committed to quality. We honor promises.

Think Big

With innate curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit, we bring new ideas to life. We see the world not as it is, but as it could be. The biggest challenges energize us. We are determined to make a difference. We act with optimism and confidence. We believe we can.

Own It

We are passionate about everything we do. We are inspired by each other and the results we deliver to our customers. We have a sense of ownership and take great pride in our work. We find resourceful ways to get things done. We’re all in.

Seek Simplicity

We ruthlessly prioritize so we can focus on and excel at what matters most. We remove unnecessary complexity in our products, services and processes so all that remains is essential and easy to use for our customers and employees. We know less is more.

Drive Results

We act with a sense of urgency. We hold each other accountable. We measure performance to drive improvement. We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves, get our hands dirty and work hard to succeed. We get things done.

Grow Together

We succeed or fail as a team. Regardless of our job description, we willingly help each other achieve common goals. We have the humility to embrace change and personal growth. We invest in our relationships and strive for a healthy, balanced life. We have fun together.

Geoforce team members collaborated to determine what was most important to our company – watch our video to learn more about the thinking behind our core values.

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