Leadership Team

In 2007, Geoforce was founded by oil and gas veterans who understood the dire need for equipment tracking in the oilfield, and believed that technology could help alleviate the pain. Since then, our leadership team has grown into a group that possesses decades of experience in the energy sector and comparable tenure in location-based services, wireless and satellite technologies, and asset management.

Richie Clarke

VP Operations, GM International

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Gary Naden

VP, Partner Solutions

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Jared Argo

VP, North America Sales

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Tim Payne

VP, Global Channels

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Troy E. Lanes

VP, Hardware Engineering

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Laine Hotte

Director, Software Engineering

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Brandon Taylor

Chief Hardware Architect

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Stefanie Brown

Director, Finance & Accounting

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Kerry Atherton

Director, Customer Success

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Matthew Parlari

Director, Quality Assurance

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Lance Garms

Director, Product Marketing

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Paul Neale

Director, Digital Marketing

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Domingo Rodriguez

Director, Fullfilment Services

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André Chaboudet

Business Manager, Brazil

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