André Chaboudet

Business Manager, Brazil

André was born and raised in beautiful Rio de Janeiro, where he started his career when he graduated from military school at the age of 17. After military school, he started working at an investment bank during the day and attended law school at night. André moved to Macaé in 1999, and joined Vésper SA and participated in the company’s launch in Brazil.

André also lived in the USA for 2 years in Wichita, Kansas, where he studied at Roosevelt Junior High School. This was his first experience living outside Brazil and also where he learned English and had his first exposure to the American culture. At Geoforce, he is responsible for business development and management in Brazil and several neighboring countries. André’s responsibilities facilitate him working closely with the team in the headquarters office in the United States.

Earlier in his career, André held several sales leadership positions and direct sales roles in companies in different segments such as: services, sales, retail, financial services and oil & gas. He brings more than 28 years of professional experience, particularly with deep knowledge and skills  in business growth and development coupled with sales and support. Before joining Geoforce, André had the opportunity to participate in the launch of two large companies in Brazil during the time when the telecommunications sector was opened to foreign companies. The two companies he helped launch were Vésper SA, a company with headquarters in Canada, and TIM Mobile, a company with headquarters in Italy.

In his spare time, he enjoys traveling with his wife Paula and their 12-year-old son Nicolas. They have made several family trips, generally seeking to enrich cultural knowledge and to allow Nicolas to practice his English.