Troy E. Lanes

VP, Hardware Engineering

Troy is an experienced leader and developer in realizing products in the machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) world. Troy brings to Geoforce 15 years of experience in developing GIS Asset Management system platforms, embedded software for M2M devices, hardware design, hardware test platforms, product support software, and M2M device integration and management of engineering teams. At Geoforce he is responsible for directing the day-to-day efforts of hardware and firmware development along with software interoperability focusing on ensuring the highest levels of quality and reliability for our full suite of Track and Trace solutions.

Troy began his career with Orbit One Communications as its first hired developer in the fledgling M2M industry. He was tasked with integrating a variety of satellite based tracking devices into, and building a revolutionary web based GIS and asset logistics system called, FELIX. As the company required more robust and reliable asset tracking devices than were available on the market, he helped design and develop the hardware, embedded software, supporting utilities and manufacturing test equipment for the SX1 product line.

Continuing on with Numerex after the acquisition of Orbit One, Troy developed the FLEX asset tracker and a suite of wireless based sensors to enable remote monitoring and acquisition of field data. Additionally, he developed embedded software for cellular asset trackers and home alarm and automation systems. After a brief industry transition to developing world class laser diode instrumentation equipment for ILX Lightwave between 2012 and 2013, he returned to his M2M roots with Geoforce to lead development efforts on the GT1 Global Asset Tracker, GT0 Compact Asset Tracker, and Myte satellite transmitter products.

Troy holds a BS degree from Montana State University. He has been featured multiple times in industry publications for his work on reverse engineering RF protocols and implementing RF in novel ways. In his spare time, Troy enjoys all of the outdoor opportunities his home state of Montana provides, amateur radio, and creating custom technology for voice controlled home automation.