Laine Hotte

Director, Software Engineering

Laine joined Geoforce in 2020 as part of the acquisition of Trakopolis IoT Corp, where he previously served as CTO. Laine is currently leading the Geoforce Canada technology department focused on research and development, cross-company engineering initiatives and collaboration.

Laine has spent the last 6 years leading the platform software development and product roadmap in the world of IoT/M2M, focused on evolving visibility for customers using sensors and connectivity.

Prior to his time in the world of IoT, Laine worked for 15 years in software architecture and consulting focused on several large scale commerce integrations and business system applications for different companies such as the American Heart Association, Cablevision Systems Corporation, US Homeland Security, Hyatt Hotels, and Verisign.

Graduating from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor’s degree in Computing Science, Laine has since enjoyed working and living in several cities across the USA and Canada to be settled now with his family near Geoforce Canada’s Calgary office.  For fun he spends his spare time with his wife and 2 boys exploring the nearby mountains, trying a new recipe, assembling robots, or travelling further north to help out on the family farm.