Domingo Rodriguez

Director, Fullfilment Services

Domingo began his career by serving 5 years in the military. After finishing his enlistment, he left southern California for a job in Dallas, Texas. He spent the next 20 plus years working in logistics and supply chain for various technology companies. Currently, Domingo is responsible for all development and management of logistics and supply chain at Geoforce.

Prior to joining Geoforce, Domingo managed and helped grow a global distribution center for Smart Start, the largest ignition interlock company in the world.  He managed stock levels and shipments to 46 states and over 17 countries. Domingo created distribution HUBs domestically to cut shipping times to strengthen the company’s position in Europe and Australia.

Domingo gained most of his experience working for the regional Raymond forklift dealership Malin Integrated handling solutions and design. While there he traveled extensively throughout the United States, optimizing warehouse facilities. This allowed him to gain valuable experience in designing and implementing processes in over 50 distribution centers.

Domingo served 5 years in the United States Marine Corps and is a disabled American Veteran. He received his supply chain certifications while serving in the Marines. Domingo has two children and a granddaughter. His daughter is currently serving her second enlistment in the Navy, and his son is going to school in the area.  Domingo and his wife Edna enjoy cycling and working out in their spare time.