Bruno Trigoly

Business Manager, South America

With an extensive history in the oil patch, Bruno’s background includes operations, procurement and sales experience at several multinational companies. At Geoforce, he is responsible for Business Management and Sales for Brazil and South America.

Prior to Geoforce, Bruno served as a Base, and later District, Manager for Archer, an American-based global oilfield service company that specializes in drilling and well services, where he opened and ran from start-up and inception a drill-pipe rental facility in Macaé, RJ.

Previously, Bruno held roles in procurement and engineering related jobs in the oilfield with companies like Petroserv/Ventura, Foxoil do Brasil, and Petrometal. What has always excited him is the industry’s fast-pace and the “controlled chaos” that abounds. Technology has always been a big part of what happens in the oilfield as well, and Bruno’s always been kind of a “techie”. So he loves that Geoforce combines all of his interests and uses technology to help mitigate some of the oilfield’s “chaos.”

He started his career teaching English to Brazilian expatriates.

Bruno is a native Brazilian, and fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish. He is a Production Engineer and Electro-Mechanics Technician and is in the process of earning his MBA in Project Management. In his spare time, he enjoys driving his antique VW bug, studying holistics, playing golf, and eating vegan food.