A Winning Combination

After an extensive review process, Geoforce selected Geotab to offer Advanced Fleet Management to Geoforce customers. Geotab’s 90+ automotive engineers have designed and sold over 650,000 telematics tracking devices since 2000, all running on an award-winning platform.

Geotab complements Geoforce’s unique capabilities. Cutting-edge features and a third-party Marketplace for custom solutions, combined with unique Geoforce services, all help make your field operations less chaotic.

The Geoforce Value-Add: Service and Support

Service Verification

Fleets struggle to prove they have rendered service and thus entitled to compensation, especially when destinations don’t exist on conventional maps. We created our award-winning and unique Geoforce “Service Verification” module for this very problem.

Geoforce Training and Support

Geoforce is never far away should you need support. We offer training prior to implementation and provide after-sale support via your dedicated Account Services Representative. We also offer training and support materials that keep you up-to-date and allow you to learn at your own pace.

One Application For All Needs

Geoforce enables its fleet management users to view both vehicles and field equipment within the Geoforce Track and Trace application they already know and use today. No other reseller can offer that.

Service Verification

Through Geoforce’s proprietary and unique Service Verification, companies can confirm where GO-equipped vehicles have traveled via collection of GPS tracking data like breadcrumbs, vehicle movement, stops, and time stamps. This enables operations and fleet managers to “verify” a vehicle’s activity history for a selected time frame in a few short minutes. This module also provides an elapsed time of the activity by the vehicle at the site.

This is important, because companies are tightening their criteria for confirming service activity. A vehicle arriving on a  job or delivery site is no longer the only important factor in the approval process. Questions asked to approve payment include:

  • Was the service performed on the right location?
  • Was the employee there long enough to perform the job?
  • Were they there too long?

These questions can all be answered through Service Verification.  Customers who have used Service Verification report dramatic drops in service disputes, which saves time and money for all involved.