Miss the Masters? Let Geoforce take you on a stroll down the Back 9 at Augusta.


Today would have been the first day of the Masters, a “Tradition Unlike Any Other” and the world’s most famous golf tournament. In honor of the Masters, we’re taking a Geoforce stroll down the historic back 9 at Augusta to get you thinking more about green jackets and azaleas instead of curve flattening and hand washing techniques.

HOLE 10: 495 yards, Par 4 (Camellia)

Your caddie is your ultimate guide to club selection off the tee. Similarly, with Geoforce’s Compliance Manager, we can be your caddie in selecting the properly inspected and certified equipment to use on a project. So you won’t be yelling “FORE!” when you show up at your next jobsite.

HOLE 11: 505 yards, Par 4 (White Dogwood)

Errant shot causing you to search frantically for your ball? Wish an app could show you where it went? We can’t find your ball (yet), but Geoforce’s mobile application will point you to your “errant” field equipment and provide turn by turn navigation to get you there. So your crew won’t have to go on wild goose chases and take any more mulligans when retrieving equipment.

HOLE 12: 155 yards, Par 3 (Golden Bell)

Are you and your playing partner already arguing about scores? Wish you had a time machine to see how many strokes she really took? With Geoforce’s Service Verification, quit bickering about what happened in your operations and use our historical timeline that can verify trips and stops and confirm an invoice is complete and correct. So you can continue bonding, not fighting, with your customers and playing partners.

HOLE 13: 510 yards, par 5 (Azalea)

Stuck in the rough? Geoforce’s Track and Trace application helps you make the right operational decisions even in rough and remote conditions, like the middle of the ocean, middle of a cornfield, or the middle of an ice storm. Our proprietary, intrinsically safe, Zone 0 certified GPS tracking devices are built for the rough and tough world of field operations, just like your iron game is built to handle the rough at Augusta.

HOLE 14: 440 yards, par 4 (Chinese Fir)

Sometimes, you just need a quick tip from a pro. They can identify holes in your swing or areas that could use some maintenance. Geoforce’s Rental Manager can be your pro and find “holes” where you are missing equipment rental days with customers. And with remote engine runtime tracking, Geoforce helps you proactively monitor and schedule preventative maintenance on your powered portable equipment so your assets, like your golf game, are always in tip-top shape.

HOLE 15: 530 yards, par 5 (Firethorn)

While your golf scorecard might tell you how your drives are doing, Geoforce’s Driver Scorecard will tell you how your drivers are doing. Who’s safe? Who’s not? How does everyone rank as a driver? Our Driver Scorecard (added through our acquisition of Cartasite in 2019) will handle your team’s driver safety while, for the safety of those around your tee box, you remember to keep your head down when you drive.

HOLE 16: 170 yards, par 3 (Redbud)

Are you having the round of your life and want to share that with everyone you’ve ever met? We know the feeling so we created Geoforce’s unique Asset Share platform, where you can increase transparency by sharing select asset visibility for rental assets with customers in the same way you’ve been sharing stories about that hole in one you claim to have hit in 1998.

HOLE 17: 440 yards, par 4 (Nandina)

Drive for show, putt for dough. Putting separates winners from losers and putting is all about reading the green. Read your company’s green better with Geoforce Track and Trace solutions giving you a comprehensive “lay of the land” on all your operations, with non-powered containers, powered generators, and fleet vehicles all in one single software platform. With information on all assets in one place, you’ll never “three-putt” on the job again.

HOLE 18: 465 yards, par 4 (Holly)

Approximately 25 countries were going to be represented at the 2020 Masters. Similarly, with deployments in over 90 countries, offices in the US, Canada, Australia, and Brazil, and a reseller network with partners in 10 countries, Geoforce is globally represented. And just like golfers around the world all speak the common language of golf, our global team all speaks the common language of increasing asset utilization, minimizing downtime, driver safety, and, well, making field operations less chaotic.

(BONUS) HOLE 19: A bar at Augusta

Congratulations! You made it to the 19th Hole. Want to learn more about improving your field operations or just talk golf? Contact Geoforce now to start the conversation!