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Geoforce Field Support Services – An FAQ

Can you afford to lose visibility of this cargo’s location? For an hour? For a day? For a week? Of course, we all know the answer already: losing visibility into critical assets can mean losing even more: money, time, productivity, safety, sanity…

Installation, On-Site Training & Troubleshooting Services now available.   At Geoforce, we recently decided to formalize our offering of Field Support Services, and the demand for this service has taken off quickly. We thought it would be helpful to provide a brief Q&A about this service.   Q. Why is Geoforce offering this service since your Geoforce GPS tracking tags are so easy to install?   A. Even though self-installation of GPS Tracking tags is a fairly straightforward process, we realize that installing these tags usually isn’t anyone’s “day job” at our customers’ locations. Every time a tag is installed, it takes some time away from that person’s regular duties. So it’s simply a matter of resources. It turns out, a lot of our customers would rather hire Geoforce to get the job done fast – and right the first time – so they can start benefitting sooner from their GPS investments.

Q. Besides the convenience and time savings, are there other reasons to have Geoforce help with our field deployments?   A. There is nothing like being there in the flesh to really get a deep understanding of our customer’s business. Being hands-on gives us insight into your equipment, how you use it, and even some things that may be hindering your operations. That helps us with training, developing new features and just being a full service company. We are not the types to “hide” behind our technology. We’re from oil and gas, we understand the level of service you should expect.   Q. What kinds of certifications does Geoforce have to ensure safety and compliance at installation sites?   A. Geoforce has a fully documented Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) policy, which we are happy to provide upon request. In addition, some of our technicians have received specific certifications to allow them to work at well sites.   Q. Why should I hire someone to install the devices when we have plenty of mechanics and skilled people at our facilities already?   A. If your own personnel have time and the ability to install or troubleshoot Geoforce GPS tracking units, that’s great. We’ve tried hard to put as much control into our customers’ hands as possible via detailed installation guides and tech support. One approach we often suggest is a “hybrid” approach, where the Geoforce field tech does the initial installs, while concurrently training the on-site team.   Q. How much does it cost to have a Geoforce Field Service technician at our site?   A. Typically we charge $900 per man day for installation services, plus charging for travel and meals at cost.   Q. Can’t we pay a fixed fee for each installation?   A. We’re never sure how many tags our technicians will be able to install in a given time frame. A lot has to do with things out of his control, for example – installations go much faster when we work at one primary yard. But oftentimes your assets are spread out and require driving to get from site to site. That’s why we use a day rate.   Q. If I’m interested in your field deployment services, what should I do?   A. Please contact your sales representative or your Account Support Rep. They can talk through the type of asset (and GPS tag) you are using, and then help estimate how long it will take, and can provide a proposal.   Q. How much lead time should I expect before a tech can be made available to install my units?   A. That depends on your location and our schedule. To be safe, you should allow three to four weeks of lead time between the first contact and boots on the ground at your location. If you are buying new tags, a good time to talk about installation is while you are considering the order. The cost of field support services can be added right to the quotation, and that starts the clock rolling on getting someone out to your site.   Q. Can this person train my team on how to use the Geoforce application?   A. The Field Tech Position is trained primarily for hands-on installation of the device. For software training, we have a team of specialized account support personnel.