Geoforce Chief Data Scientist Dr. Gregory Kushnir shares expert analysis at inaugural Center for Health, Work & Environment Big Data Workshop


On March 27th and 28th, Geoforce was honored to attend and present the results of the “Data Analytics of Aggregated Data” study at the first annual “Big Data and Analytics Workshop” in Denver, Colorado. Geoforce’s Chief Data Scientist Dr. Gregory Kushnir and Regional Sales Manager Andrew L. Keller presented on the data analytics of the data aggregated from different sources, then produced value added action items from that data.

Their presentation touched on two different use cases that utilize aggregated data:

  • The first use case was focused on identifying dangerous street intersections by aggregating Geoforce anonymized customers risky driving behavior data with public crash data. By doing so, Geoforce provides useful data to our customers to help identify high risk road sections for their drivers.
  • The second use case was focused on identifying congested sections of the highways by comparing Geoforce anonymized customers movement data with aggregated posted speed limit data. This valuable information can be utilized to plan better roads and identify alternative routes to increase driver safety and operational efficiency.

With roughly 100 people in attendance, we certainly learned a lot from fellow safety officials, industrial hygienists, and data scientists at this event. We can’t wait to see how big data will keep people safe and help our customers prevent workplace incidents before they happen.

Thank you to Evgeny Andronov and Mwangi Ndonga for organizing this conference. We look forward to attending next year and diving even deeper into the important discussion of safety in the workplace.