Field Asset Tracking

Take command of your field operations with real-time field asset tracking for powered and non-powered equipment and vehicles. The best asset tracking solutions are designed and built from direct field experience and with a thorough understanding of different types of operations – from the day-to-day challenges of equipment operators to the long-term goals of CEOs.

Ultra-rugged Devices

Gain worldwide visibility of your assets with GPS devices that are purpose-built for rugged and extreme field operations.

Purpose-built Software

Manage all of your assets from one platform with Track and Trace solutions for all of your field asset tracking needs.

The Data You Need

A complete and accurate picture of your high value assets will give your field operations the power of knowledge – knowledge of where your assets are at all times, information that helps you better utilize your assets and team, and an understanding of what types of data and reporting can allow you to make the most of your asset tracking platform..

If you’re considering implementing asset tracking solutions, make sure it has the capabilities to match the unique demands of your field operations. Look for field asset tracking solutions that take into account your full-range of asset tracking needs, through the lens of optimizing operations to better serve customers, increasing safety, and ultimately growing businesses. The result is field asset tracking products tailored to your industry-specific needs.

Field asset tracking solutions should be a simple and efficient addition to your field operations. That means hassle-free GPS tracking device installation and set up, with convenient software integrations and capabilities. The best asset tracking platforms allow you to customize your software interface with all of the information and data you need at a glance, and none that doesn’t benefit you.

Reduce Asset Downtime & Gain Visibility

Smart field asset tracking solutions give you the information you need to dispatch equipment and vehicles with clarity and simplicity. A complete picture of what assets are in use, en route, and idling can help you reduce asset downtime and increase productivity. Features like Last Seen Location, Engine Runtime, customized reporting and more allow your dispatchers to gain the visibility that they need to make well-informed decisions, without bogging down your field operations. Not only does having this level of visibility at your fingertips mean a positive impact on your bottom-line, it will also lead to more satisfied customers.

Tools for Your Entire Team

It’s common for a company’s key players to span across the org chart – so it only makes sense to opt for a smart asset tracking system that will benefit the whole team’s needs. Spend less time searching for assets and keeping track of your operations with manual processes. Implement a digital platform that gives everyone access to the specific data they need in one centralized location, keeping your field operations better organized and more productive.

Choose field asset tracking software that is web-based and available on mobile devices for visibility of your field operations from behind the desk, direct from the field, and while on-the-go between job sites or beyond.

Geoforce Can Help

When you’re ready to digitize your field operations with smart asset tracking solutions, Geoforce is here to help. Our products check all of the boxes for the industry-specific needs you may have – from Zone 0 safe devices to our hassle-free Track and Trace web-based software and mobile app. Contact our experts for help identifying the solutions that will benefit your field operations.