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Device Battery Life

  • Why do you list battery life as a range (i.e., 8-10 years at 1 message per day for the GT1), and not a specific number?

    As you have likely experienced with many consumer electronic devices today, there is no single or simple answer to the question, “How long will the battery last?” There are a variety of factors that impact the answer to this question. For example, the outdoor temperature experienced by the device over its life can impact battery performance. Cold or hot weather exposure will exhaust batteries more quickly than moderate temperatures. In addition, compared to devices with obstructed sky-views, devices with a more ideal direct sky-view will consume less power trying to search for a GPS signal / fix and will therefore experience longer battery life. Lastly, there are more than 100 components in our devices, each with a manufacturing tolerance that allows it to operate slightly differently. All of these factors contribute to a wide range of “normal” battery life for a given profile.

  • What is the battery life for your devices?

    Battery life estimates for our battery-powered devices, the GT1 Global Asset Tracker and GT0 Compact Asset Tracker, can be found in the specifications sections of their respective product pages. Devices that are wired into a power source (i.e. the AT5 Satellite Asset Tracker, AT4 Cellular Equipment Tracker, GO Advanced Vehicle Tracker, and VT1 Cellular Vehicle Tracker), do not generally have battery life indications that matter, as they draw their power from the underlying asset or vehicle.