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Achieve greater safety, efficiency, and utilization.
As a transportation and logistics provider, you are relied upon to manage your equipment and vehicle fleet better than anyone, as "moving goods" is your core business. With Geoforce's Track and Trace solutions, the chaos of managing your fleet's field operations can be minimized, leading to a safer and more efficient business that can deliver world class customer service.
Benefits for the Transportation and Logistics Industry
Perform remote inventory in a snap
Geoforce's Days on Location reports tie GIS data to the lat/long of an asset to automatically produce an accurate gauge of the number of days an asset has been at a specific location, allowing you to perform inventory counts instantly and painlessly.
Maximize equipment utilization
Generate daily, weekly, and other periodic utilization and telemetry reports for your equipment's location and usage, so you can determine if you have equipment sitting in one location that can be used at another.
Efficiently retrieve and dispatch
Increase the level of service efficiency you provide your customers by utilizing GPS-based systems to more efficiently retrieve equipment and dispatch drivers.
Increase asset velocity
Get your trailers and containers back on the road as quickly as possibly by decreasing the amount of time they sit empty waiting for pickup.
Keep drivers and materials safe
Keep your drivers safe via Geoforce's Advanced Vehicle Tracking solution that enables compliance with HOS and DVIR regulations, while staying alert to events that may impact the integrity of your transported materials.
Eliminate invoice discrepancies
With Geoforce's service verification module, verify driver trips and stops to quickly confirm an invoice submitted or received is complete and correct, eliminating invoice discrepancies and relieving stress between customers and suppliers.
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We believe field operations don't have to be chaotic.

Combining a cloud-based software platform with rugged GPS devices and global satellite and cellular networks, Geoforce's Track and Trace solutions bring control to often chaotic field operations. If you need asset location, billing verification or compliance management our team is ready to help.