Employee Spotlight – Darrin Poole


Geoforce has a reputation for excellent customer service, but as the company continues to grow and develop new solutions, we saw a need to bring in a leader to continue moving the business forward.

In this month’s company spotlight, we met with Darrin Poole, VP of Customer Experience at the end of his second month at Geoforce to pick his brain about why he joined the team, what customer experience means to him, and why he loves our customers.

Darrin brings over 25 years of expertise leading digital transformation and customer engagement strategies for SaaS and innovative startup companies. When asked about what made him excited to join Geoforce at this step in his career he said, “Geoforce is an established leader in the market space with a solid heritage and knowledge of the industries they serve. I am not only excited to join a company that has such a solid foundation, but one that also realizes that we’ve not reached our full potential. There’s more expansion and growth opportunities – new markets, new geographies, new ways of solving traditional challenges that companies have.”


We have a reputation of excellent service – what does that mean to you?

Anytime you get feedback from your customers with whom you engage on a regular basis, be it a customer support inquiry, a web inquiry, a direct conversation, or they’re trying to learn new features and how it works, any brand experience interaction when we receive feedback is important.

Right now, our scores are high. That’s always nice to hear. But it’s equally important to hear when we fall short, when we don’t meet their expectations. All customer feedback is the lifeblood of continuing to enhance this thing called customer experience. The fact that we leverage Trustpilot, and we have scores that are favorable in terms of our performance, speaks to our commitment to being customer centric.

While our Trustpilot scores are great, I think it also can lead to a false sense of security that we’ve reached our full potential when serving our customers. We have to constantly challenge ourselves across the board to do more, to do be better. While we appreciate positive feedback, we have to use it in a measured sense to hold ourselves accountable, to continue to earn it.


What experience do you bring, joining the company, that you think we can use to go to that next level?

As customers have a certain experience over the years with a particular brand, the value equation often gets misaligned. What brought them into the brand experience may be different than the level to which they have grown or evolved. I have worked with a number of SaaS-based businesses to continuously refine this value equation. Are we meeting their needs, and even staying ahead of those needs while cultivating additional opportunities for customers to expand their relationship with our brand?

With the 1,400 customers that we have at Geoforce, it’s exciting to be able to nurture more of that, to fully harvest all the potential that’s there for our customers. A lot of that lives with our post-sales customer experience teams who are nurturing those interactions and aligning our performance to their quarterly business objectives. We want to make sure we are providing value, both in terms of our hardware devices, network providers, and the software platform.

I often ask, ‘Where are we innovating? How are we driving our trajectory? And what will that mean for our customers to enhance their business?’ It’s constantly balancing that value equation and elevating Geoforce from a traditional vendor who simply helps them track dots on a map to being more of a value-added partner who actually drives results on a quarterly basis. So having done those things at other high growth SaaS businesses, it is exciting to be able to do it here.


What do you like best about working with our customers? 

Our customers include companies with large fixed asset investments who need to manage them efficiently. This requires rigorous tracking of where these devices are at all times while maintaining compliance and maintenance standards that keep the assets in operation. Geoforce is the leading solution provider to meet these requirements across non-powered, powered, and vehicle assets.

I’ve typically been in more service-based, technology-based customer portfolios. So this was a challenge to get deeper into that operational, in the field, in the dirt, set of stakeholders, who, what they do all day every day is often unrecognized. It’s the foundation for what makes our global economy work.

So, I’m pretty excited to be able to help them optimize their spend and convert that spend into additional realized value in their business.