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We help you keep tabs on the status of your vehicles and drivers, while also complying with Hours of Service / Electronic Logging Device (ELD) regulations to keep you compliant and efficient. Here’s how:

Why Do we have the ELD rule?

• The ELD regulation is intended to reduce driver fatigue by removing loopholes of tracking hours of service with paper logs.

What is an ELD?

• An ELD is an Electronic Logging Device that automatically records Hours of Service (HOS) and driving time while monitoring location, engine hours, vehicle movement, and miles driven.

Is my fleet affected?

• Any driver who maintains 8 or more days worth of duty status logs out of 30 days is required to have an ELD. If you have a specific exemption question, submit the form here and we'll be happy to talk about it with you.

Can I benefit from an ELD?

• An ELD can help fleets save time, money and lives by increasing the efficiency of record-keeping and inspections, minimizing violations, and preventing fatigue-related accidents. Real-time access to accurate log information also helps to improve fleet CSA safety ratings by managing the factors that drive the HOS BASIC score.

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