DUG 2018: The Permian is Alive and Well


The Geoforce team was in full force for Hart Energy’s DUG Permian Basin show earlier this week in Fort Worth, Texas. If you have traveled to the Permian recently you would understand why. The Permian is a geographic area larger than South Carolina and, given the booming activity, has recently been dubbed “Saudi Texas”.

Everything truly is BIGGER in (West) Texas, and here are some startling stats to show why:

  • Permian Basin drilling has grown to 398 active rigs, an increase of 51% from the previous year.
  • Total crude output hit 815 million barrels in 2017, breaking the record of 790 million barrels set in 1973.

It’s always exciting to interact with current and prospective customers. We learn everyday about the operational challenges oil patch companies are running into regarding their assets. But when things are running at the pace they are in the Permian, these problems become much larger.

We enjoyed hosting numerous customers and new acquaintances at our Happy Hour event at the Capital Grille down the street from the conference. The insights they gave us over cocktails will help us tremendously as we continue to evolve and improve our Track and Trace software platform and other products.

It was a pleasure to listen to keynote speakers like Kevin Fisher, CEO of PropX, and Greg Garcia, EVP, Sales & Marketing at Solaris. They discussed a key issue on everyone’s mind –  “How do we handle the challenge of constantly moving millions of tons of sand from mine to well, all while adhering to strict OSHA regulations?”

Solving issues like this is where Geoforce is working hard to track the utilization of trucks, trailers and field assets for customers such as Solaris. Understanding the small nuances of the oil & gas industry gives Geoforce an advantage over our competitors and interacting with companies in a large format such as DUG Permian will allow us to continue to be the leader in Oil & Gas asset management.

A native of the Lubbock area, Nathan Harkey is a Geoforce Sales Manager based out of West Texas.