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  • Bluetooth automatically detects Geoforce tracking devices to relay satellite communications
  • Asset’s location appears in Geoforce Track and Trace even if assets are moved indoors, and have an obstructed sky view
  • Indoor reporting rates are configurable when tagged assets are detected by a Geoforce Gateway
  • Rugged, cost-efficient, and reliable design
  • Compact, ruggedized hardware


  • The Geoforce Gateway will enhance any related asset location data within the Geoforce Track and Trace for any GTx devices located nearby
  • Multiple Geoforce Gateway devices can be used to cover a facility, creating positive confirmation of asset location and status


  • Features indoor visibility for tagged assets that otherwise report infrequently, or not at all, due to poor sky view
  • Real-time asset entry notifications immediately appear in Geoforce Track and Trace
  • One-to-many device reporting capability
  • Can acquire location outside of an asset tracker’s normally configured reporting cycle
  • Simple, fast installation

The Geoforce Gateway is a simple data collection and relay interface device used to minimize the impact and effects on GTx devices from obstructed sky views. A Geoforce Gateway listens for and relays any nearby satellite-based GTx device transmissions over wired or cellular wide area networks. The Geoforce Gateway device is designed generally for indoor installation locations.

Assembling the Geoforce Gateway for outdoors operation requires an installation technician to insert the standard Geoforce Gateway into a specialized enclosure for outdoor operation. The Geoforce Gateway is designed for easy indoor installation, and must be mounted to protect its power plug from water intrusion or exposure to outdoor elements.

Utilize for every type of asset:

  • Tanks
  • Rail cars
  • Trailers
  • Shipping containers
  • Frac tanks
  • Cargo units
  • Construction equipment
  • Mining equipment
  • ISO containers
  • Baskets
  • Sand traps
  • Cable spools
  • Acid tanks
  • IBC tanks
  • Skimmers
  • Physical

    • Dimensions: 8.0”L x 4.75”W x 3.12”H (203mm x 120mm x 80mm)
    • Weight: 1.2lbs (560g)
  • Environmental Standards

    • Temperature: 0 to 50° C operating
    • Enclosure Rating: Corrosive, Oily, Washdown; IP65; NEMA 4X; NEMA 13
  • Communication

    • Operates on LTE (Cellular)
  • Satellite Network

    • All GT0/1 devices send out brief periodic bluetooth data bursts. The customer will listen for these bluetooth data bursts from the GT0/1 satellite tags.
    • Once the Geoforce Gateway detects a bluetooth data burst, it stores the location of the device along with other data contained in the broadcast data then sends the data to Geoforce over the Verizon cellular network. Verizon LTE only. Bluetooth range is about 100 feet.
  • Device Interface

    • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Batteries

    • 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Mounting

    • Screws (qty 2 per gateway needed): #10 or ¼” wood or drywall screws; ¼” self-tapping screws; or 5/16” diameter maximum cap screws
  • Reporting Modes & Options

    • Reports 2XD only (+ tag enter)

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