We’re all in awe of Aubri

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to be Meryl Streep at the Oscars or Taylor Swift at the Grammys? To get “dolled up”, walk the red carpet, have your name and body of work presented to a theater full of peers, then feel the rush of glory as you are pronounced the “best of the best” at what you do? Well, I’m as proud as I’ve ever been to say that Geoforce’s Corporate Administration Manager, Aubri Levens, experienced ALL of the above last Friday. Yes, just like Meryl and Taylor, she walked down a red carpet and was shown on a giant screen as an award nominee. Then, after a few suspenseful seconds, Aubri had her name announced as a winner in front of a banquet hall full of Dallas area professionals. After a joyful hug from her husband Tim, she strutted on stage to very festive music to receive the Achiever Award at the 2014 Dallas Admin Awards. Over 500 nominations were submitted for the third annual Dallas Admin Awards. The nominees were pared to 40 finalists in 9 categories ranging from the Big Idea Award to the Community Champion Award and Rookie of the Year. The 9 winners were announced at a luncheon at the Omni Hotel in Dallas on October 24th. According to event sponsor Core 24, the Achiever Award recognizes the professional that “successfully managed and completed a significant project that had a positive company-wide impact”. Aubri took home the big prize in this category for her tremendous work earlier this year managing the administrative and legal establishment of our second international subsidiary, Geoforce PTY LTD in Australia. While undoubtedly all the other nominees and finalists also achieved incredible things, we’d like to think Aubri was truly the cream of an extremely talented crop. Congratulations Aubri! All of us stand in awe of the work you’ve done and continue to do in helping make Geoforce a better place for our team and our customers!