Resilience, America, The Oilfield and DUG East 2015

Last week, Geoforce attended Hart Energy’s DUG East Trade Show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The show was held in the 1,500,000-square-foot David L. Lawrence Convention Center that sits right on the Allegheny River in downtown.

With the keynote speaker being Dr. Charles Krauthammer, an American Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist, author, political commentator, and physician, the topic of conversation throughout the week was resilience. Not only of the oilfield, but also of the country. With gas prices stabilizing, companies are looking towards the future. Spirits and hopes are rising and the downturn of the past several months is no longer an all-consuming topic.

With rental companies building back up their assets and trucking companies building back up their fleets, there were a lot of conversations around the Geoforce booth about GPS tracking devices as well as Rental Management and the benefits of our Software Application. Companies want better ways of utilizing what they have and minimizing billing disputes. They can no longer afford to make the mistake of not knowing where all of their assets are at all times, and that is where Geoforce comes in.

Resilience is something that this country has always had and that the oilfield is getting more used to over the years. Every down turn that is experienced is another growing pain.