ELD Self-Certification, Part II: What to Look for in an ELD Provider

In Part 1 of this blog series, we talked about the self-certification process for ELD solution providers. This week, we discuss things buyers should look for in a provider to help meet the upcoming FMCSA ELD mandates:

  • Time in Business – How long has the provider been in business? It’s important to deal with companies that have been in their respective industries, telematics and DOT compliance, for some time. In addition, those companies that have been around for a while are more likely to have the experience and resources that will be invaluable with training and implementation.
  • Referenceable Customer Base – Are there recognizable names in the provider’s customer base? Can the provider supply the names of these customers? Will those customers openly discuss their experience with the provider?
  • Support – What kind of customer support do they offer? Do they have a training and implementation plan? Do they have a field services team to perform installations or, at minimum, train personnel to perform the installs? What kind of software application training is available?
  • Indemnification – Is the provider going to stand by their product? What happens if a driver is stopped and DOT officials determine the ELD solution is not in compliance? Will the provider have the resources and knowledge base to overhaul the solution in the time allowed? If this happens, the provider will have 90 days to remedy the solution. The FMCSA will then have to re-certify the solution. How are the drivers supposed to log their Hours of Service while the solution is being fixed? If the provider is unable to resolve the issue within 90 days, they will be removed from the registry. Is the customer then out of compliance? How long do they have to find another provider and put that solution in place?

Two recognizable names that are not on the ELD solution registry are Geotab and JJ Keller. Last fall, they announced a partnership to provide an ELD solution. Geotab is a major player in the telematics industry with 630,000 vehicles using their product. JJ Keller is the premier DOT compliance provider in the US. Each company has representatives in constant contact with FMCSA officials in order to develop an ELD solution that will meet every requirement of the ELD mandate and be ready for the December implementation date. They are set to register with the FMCSA once their questions are answered. Each has a considerable reputation at stake and the drive to get it right is paramount.

Geoforce provides advanced vehicle tracking solutions that utilize the GO7 Advanced Vehicle Tracker and the Geotab ELD solution. These solutions can definitively answer all of the questions listed above. The GO7 device can also be integrated with JJ Keller solutions which include ELD compliance as well as other DOT compliance products. Geoforce also has asset tracking solutions available to reduce the chaos for all types of operations. Contact Geoforce today for details and a demonstration.