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GO7: Advanced Vehicle Tracker (powered by Geotab)

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Geoforce set a high bar for its Advanced Fleet Management solution. The tracking hardware had to be compact, rugged, and simple to install, while providing fast acquisition of advanced vehicle data. So it came as no surprise that we power our Advanced Fleet Management product using the GO7, an industry leading vehicle tracking device.
Advanced vehicle data capture
Gathers data from the engine, the drivetrain, the instrument cluster and many other subsystems
Provides a rich collection of driver and vehicle information, including fault diagnostics, fuel usage, instrument cluster data, and even in-vehicle driver coaching
Collects second-by-second data accuracy of ignition on, trip distance and time, engine idling, and speed
Communicates and is compatible with diverse vehicle types: hybrids, electric vehicles, delivery vans, and highway trucks
Includes detailed engine data for all major motor, car, and truck manufacturers from North America, Europe, South America, and Asia
Simple installation
  • Plugs directly into the vehicle's OBDII Port
  • For vehicles without an OBDII port, adapters are available that will fit other data interfaces and vehicles
  • Installation is quick and easy, and does not require special tools or professional installers
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We believe field operations don't have to be chaotic.

Combining a cloud-based software platform with rugged GPS devices and global satellite and cellular networks, Geoforce's Track and Trace solutions bring control to often chaotic field operations. If you need asset location, billing verification or compliance management our team is ready to help.