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10/10 Special – Top 10 Benefits of Geoforce Compliance Manager

Losing visibility into critical assets can mean losing money, time, productivity, safety, sanity…

Regulatory agencies put in place strict policies for oilfield production. The pressure and stress in assuring equipment is certified, employees remain safe and workflow remains fluid is heavy for companies in oil and gas. With Compliance Manager, Geoforce created a solution to the problem. Oilfield companies can manage certification and field equipment maintenance.

Since today is October 10th (10/10), we thought this would be a good time for a Top 10 list. So here are the ten most critical reasons oilfield companies are implementing Geoforce Compliance Manager.

1) Stay on the Clock. Help reduce downtime (i.e. revenue leakage) while waiting for certified equipment for a project.Active certification management ensures your equipment will be ready and available at any given time.

2) Get Ahead of the Game. Create a proactive working environment. By using Compliance Manager, Geoforce customers can be alerted and notified of coming events, preventing compliance issues from arising due to out-of-date maintenance on equipment.

3) Find Your Stuff. Knowing where an asset is located is essential to its fast retrieval for the next job. Compliance Manager allows you to stay on top of inventory management by auditing equipment location.

4) Have a Bigger Party. By requiring suppliers to install location-based compliance monitoring for their equipment with Compliance Manager, you diminish the threat of their non-compliant equipment stopping your job.

5) Take Care of Your Friends. Geoforce empowers you to keep customer / supplier relationships healthy. Transparency in records management takes any “he said / she said” out of the conversation allowing both parties to get the job done more efficiently, and more amicably.

6) Grease the Skids. Find and email electronic certification and compliance documents to operators and shippers, reducing time to jobsite and adding to the bottom line.

7) Protect Yourself. Compliance Manager helps limit liability risk. Your customers can create an audit trail that clearly documents correct certification or completed maintenance, and you reduce your company’s risk of running into legal issues down the road.

8) Stop Using File Cabinets and Excel Spreadsheets. We know what it’s like. For every thousand pieces of field equipment you own, there are several thousand tasks required each year and therefore several thousand pieces of paper to manage. What a pain. Compliance Manager helps you ditch the Excel spreadsheets, big metal file cabinets, and clunky online file shares.

9) Pick up Your SOX. SOX compliance may be complex and time consuming, but Geoforce’s Compliance Manager equips you with tools to ease the effort involved in record keeping.

10) Get a Good Night’s Sleep. By having location, certification and maintenance records readily available, you can spend less time worrying about whether or not you meet safety standards and more time getting the job done.

See below for some of the key features of Geoforce’s Compliance Manager…

(a) Quick summary of compliance status (b) Upload and view actual certification documents (c) Create different categories of equipment/compliance types (d) Color-coded view of status makes it easy to identify equipment needing attention (e) Schedule reports to suit your work flow (f) Filter list by compliance/equipment type, location and other variables (g) Export data to Excel or CSV formats.

If you are a current user of Geoforce’s Compliance Manager, we’d love to hear how you benefit from it in the comment section.