A Recap on Rio



After its phenomenal success hosting the best in the world of futbol (soccer for those of us in Texas), Rio de Janeiro turned its attention to the oil and gas companies at the heart of Brazil’s economy at the recent Rio Oil & Gas Show.  Geoforce do Brasil was one of hundreds of companies from over twenty-seven countries that participated in this bi-annual event which brings together all of the major participants in the Campos and Santos Basin plays for four days of discussion, education and networking in the city that will bring the world together again in 2016 as it hosts the Summer Olympics.

As we hear globally, one of the prevailing themes of the show was the necessity for operational excellence as these companies strive to keep up with the break-neck pace of current projects, while enabling the full development of the pre-salt opportunity off the Brazilian coast.  Geoforce do Brasil has been at the heart of this conversation with our customers and prospects as they seek to ensure that the right equipment is on-site with all compliance requirements confirmed, in addition to maintaining the integrity of the business transaction governing its use.  This is no easy task as business terms are agreed upon in offices but executed remotely in the harsh offshore environment by employees concerned with exploration; not accounting for the location of a tool, or the billing for its use.

Geoforce preserves the integrity of the business transactions that our customers make with their customers and suppliers, while enabling them to automatically manage the certifications of their assets, keeping them in compliance with Brazil’s rules and regulations for the industry.  At the heart of this solution is the world’s first IECEx/ATEX Zone 0-rated GPS tracking device, the Geoforce GT1, which enables our customers to concentrate on their core mission—finding and developing Oil & Gas prospects!

We look forward to the next world-class Rio Oil & Gas Show just as world-class athletes look forward to coming to Rio in 2016!


Why our new North Sea presence is so important for Geoforce

nsThis week, Geoforce announced the opening of our new office in the United Kingdom, along with the appointment of Chris Gorman as our UK Country Manager. We are very excited about this expansion, just as we were when we added offices in Perth, Western Australia, and Macae, Brazil over the past 12 months or so.

In our press release, Chris Gorman talks about the importance of the North Sea market to Geoforce, and I’d like to elaborate on this. This region offers some unique aspects that are a particularly good fit for our company:

1.) The North Sea region is home to some of Geoforce’s earliest and largest customers. From the beginning, companies based there have understood the value that tracking of equipment assets can bring to the industry.

2.) Over the years, we’ve made countless trips to visit our existing customers in Aberdeen and elsewhere in Europe; now we finally have the boots on the ground to match our “be where our customers are” strategy.

3.) As the home to many “mature” fields in which it is very expensive to extract oil and gas, North Sea operators experience even higher margin pressures on operations than others.

4.) This pressure coincides with one of Geoforce’s key benefits: that successful GPS tracking and asset management initiatives can make a significant, positive impact on operating margins.

5.) In the States, Aberdeen is sometimes referred to as “the Houston of the North Sea” due to the concentration of technology and talent. However, once you spend time in Aberdeen, it’s easy to see why locals there refer to Houston as “the Aberdeen of North America”.

6.) We’ve continually been impressed by the commitment to innovation, safety and efficiency that we see every time we visit the North Sea region, so it’s no surprise that there has been a huge export of ideas, talent, technology, and regulatory influence from the region - yet another reason it is a natural fit for Geoforce.

7.) In particular, it is Europe and the North Sea region that provided the impetus, several years ago, for Geoforce to develop the world’s only IECEx/ATEX zone 0 approved tracking device, the GT1 global asset tracker.

8.) European customers have always been helpful and proactive in suggesting improvements in our overall solutions, and we’ve learned a lot from them.

All told, we are extremely charged up about the potential for Geoforce’s growth in the North Sea area.

For our customers and prospects in Europe, and particularly you Aberdonians, we are looking forward to spending more quality time and building closer relationships in the future.

Geoforce Down Under

In March of this year, Geoforce opened its second international subsidiary in Perth, Western Australia, and I was asked to head up the new office as Business Manager of Geoforce PTY. Ltd.  My initial awareness of Geoforce was as a prospective customer, and even then, the presence Geoforce had built ”down under” through deployments with some of the biggest names in oil and gas was impressive.

The decision to establish a permanent presence in Australia was made so that current and future customers have access to local knowledge and expertise, inventory on-hand, a quicker ordering process, assistance in asset deployment and, most importantly, in-person support.  This “boots on the ground” approach makes it easier for exploration & production, equipment rental, service, and logistics companies here to do business with Geoforce.

Australia Offshore2

Geoforce PTY. Ltd. offers a range of Geoforce’s standard solutions focused on offshore oil and gas.  These products include our award winning Track and Trace software solutions, and the revolutionary GT1 tracking device, the world’s only IECEx certified Zone 0 GPS tracking device.  The GT1 was built specifically for the rigors of the oil and gas market, and is widely accepted as the safest, most rugged tracking device globally.  The GT1 has received all regulatory and safety approvals to be deployed in Australia.

It couldn’t be a more exciting time to be in the oil and gas industry down here in Australia. With the offshore market continuing to boom, and growing onshore activity,  it’s natural that Geoforce has set its flag in Perth to be closer to our customers.

GT0 proves that bigger isn’t always better

Sitting idle is NOT something that is familiar to the Geoforce engineering team. We are constantly working to expand our products and services through innovation, technology and hard work. As such, I am extremely proud to announce the release of our new GT0 compact asset tracker, the perfect complement to our world renowned GT1 global asset tracker. The GT0 may be “little brother,” but it isn’t just a slimmed down version of the GT1. The GT0 is a ground-up design with differentiated target market applications.


The GT1 represents our flagship industrial asset tag, with complete IECEX/ATEX/UL913 Zone 0 certifications, as well as more than 40 other specific global standards for intrinsic safety, electronics and radio compliance, and environmental compliance.


The GT0 provides similar satellite “track and trace” functionality in a smaller packaging and without the intrinsic safety certifications. The GT0 fits in the palm of your hand, making it the world’s smallest and lightest global satellite tracker capable of operating for years on its internal batteries. It GT0-09is a stick-and-forget tag that helps answer the question “Where’s my stuff?” This makes the GT0 perfect for roll-offs, containers, pallets, and just about anything larger than a bread-box that needs to be located in the field anywhere in the world.


The GT0 is ultra-small in size measuring 2.7” square and 1.3” tall. The tags are fully sealed and provide over five years of field service while providing twice a day location reports. No other satellite asset tag offers this combination of size, weight, duration of service and performance. Thus, our customers receive a cost-to-value offering unparalleled in the industry.


These palm-sized tags are made possible by the proprietary Geoforce MYTE satellite transmitter that operates over the Globalstar simplex global satellite network. The MYTE is the smallest and lowest power simplex satellite transmitter in the world, which is what enables the small outline and long service life of the GT0 and GT1.


Like its big brother, the GT1, the GT0 contains Bluetooth 4.0 wireless interfaces, so support can be available for remote sensor monitoring.


100% manufactured in the USA, the GT0 represents more than two years of development and is now available to provide unparalleled cost-to-benefit field service. We are all excited to release the GT0. But like I said earlier, we don’t know what idle time is, so rest assured, we’re all hard at work now on other great products!


Geoforce Service Verification module wins Oil & Gas Award

One of the best things about working at Geoforce is that everyone is encouraged to learn about our role in the oil and gas industry. Our software team comes from a diverse set of backgrounds, and we are always learning about how our product impacts our customers every day. The entire development staff goes to tradeshows, and does on-site visits to our customers to better understand the challenges that oil and gas service companies face.



Last Tuesday, one product of that open approach to development was recognized at the Oil and Gas Awards in Fort Worth. Our Vehicle Service Verification module won the General Industry Service Award, and as one of the principal architects, it was a very gratifying moment. Service Verification and invoice reconciliation was a pain point for a number of companies we talked to, some of whom employed multiple people to comb through invoices and maps to try and decipher how work got done. There was a lot of skepticism between service partners, and we saw an opportunity to build trust and make sure everyone got paid for their work.

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LAGCOE gives Geoforce facetime with customers

I had the opportunity to venture out of the office last week to Lafayette, Louisiana where Geoforce exhibited at LAGCOE (Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition); one of the largest oil and gas industry expositions in the United States.  The expo is held every two years and draws over 14,000 attendees from 26 different countries. Needless to say, it wasn’t my typical “day-in-the-office.”



My week at LAGCOE was a learning experience unlike any other I have experienced in my time at Geoforce.  I got a first-hand look at the industry – including getting up close and personal with some of the equipment we track for our oilfield customers.


As a Lead Support Engineer at Geoforce, I spend most of my day on the phone with (or emailing) customers; helping them with questions about the application (i.e. how to use it), troubleshooting and tag installs.


As I walked the show, I had the opportunity to meet some of the Geoforce customers I speak to every day. It was refreshing to finally put faces with names.  It gave me a gratifying feeling with a transfusion of a new energy and zeal.  I instantly felt more connected with our customers and better equipped to provide support day-to-day.


We live in a world where technology pushes so much of our daily life that sometimes it’s easy to forget how much a difference a simple handshake can make.


DUG Eagle Ford Look Back

Crowds of O&G companies and their vendors gathered in San Antonio last week for the DUG Eagle Ford 2013. The Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center was abuzz with the continuing activity within the Eagle Ford Shale. Attendees were treated to a variety of speakers with both Upstream and Midstream concentrations.  The keynote was delivered by Robert O’Neill of Seal Team Six to a full house that loved his insight into his own experiences in the battlefield.


Asset Tracking in many ways is becoming a more essential part of the day-to-day operations of many of the attendees. The massive amount of equipment such as frac tanks, generators, and pumps and the speed at which they move creates a large problem in efficient deployment, retrieval and service verification.

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Geoforce Field Support Services – An FAQ

Installation, On-Site Training & Troubleshooting Services now available.


At Geoforce, we recently decided to formalize our offering of Field Support Services, and the demand for this service has taken off quickly.  We thought it would be helpful to provide a brief Q&A about this service.


Q.  Why is Geoforce offering this service since your Geoforce GPS tracking tags are so easy to install?


A.  Even though self-installation of GPS Tracking tags is a fairly straightforward process, we realize that installing these tags usually isn’t anyone’s “day job” at our customers’ locations.  Every time a tag is installed, it takes some time away from that person’s regular duties.  So it’s simply a matter of resources.  It turns out, a lot of our customers would rather hire Geoforce to get the job done fast – and right the first time – so they can start benefitting sooner from their GPS investments.


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Rental Invoice Auditing


We all know that life in the oilfield really couldn’t get any better.  Especially when it comes to customer relationships and billing:

life in the oilfield 1

In the oilfield the job is job one and when you find a good working relationship, you don’t want anything getting in the way of smooth operations with partners you can count on.


But, lets face it, this ain’t a charity ball and nothing can disrupt a good working relationship like disputes over billing.  Have you ever spent hours verifying that you actually had the equipment you’re being invoiced for?  Ever had to spend days trying to defend an invoice you sent in months ago? Not fun.


The best you can hope for in a billing dispute is to get back to square one — everyone pays and gets paid the right amounts and everyone is happy.  But even in the best case one or both parties can come away wondering “Did I just get screwed?” Not a strong foundation for future business.


Fortunately with Geoforce Rental Invoice Auditing you leave behind billing doubts and suspicions and get on with job one. Geoforce GPS tracking devices combined with GIS data identifying every rig, well, platform and even custom job sites removes the guesswork and proves conclusively what equipment was in yards and what equipment was on job sites every day of the month.

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New Geoforce Compliance Release Coming Soon

As our company rapidly expands and we grow to fit even more niches in the oil and gas industry, our application isn’t “one size fits all” anymore. Geoforce is working diligently to further give customers control and responsibility for their offshore oilfield assets.


Our team has been working with major operating companies dealing with compliance in the offshore sector for years, giving our software product team unique insight into exactly what they need. We are talking about leaders in the offshore oil and gas industry and they set the compliance bar very high so  we believe our compliance solution will ultimately satisfy the requirements of just about anyone in the offshore industry.

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